Cover art needed please

Hi there . I have an art request .

I’d like for a girl to be carrying books in a school hallway while a boy with a girl to the left of him stares at her.

The girl with the books is rose02 skin color, arched natural scar brow style, dark brown brow color, wavy side curls hair style, Pink Lt hair color, round downturned wide eye shape, purple eye color, diamond defined contour face shape, grecian soft nose shape, full round pouty lip shape, deep red gloss lip color.

The boy is gold02 skin color, straight medium scar brow shape, dark brown brow color, medium side curls hair style, deep brown hair color, male deep sunken eye shape, ice blue eye color, square jaw roundcheek stubble face shape, hooked grecian nose shape, medium heart lip shape, fair rose matte lip color

the girl to the left of the boy is copper01, arched natural brow shape, honey blonde brow color, beach wave hair style, honey blonde hair color, deepset downturned eye shape, green emerald eye color, diamond face shape, defined natural nose shape, full flat top pouty lip shape, purple pastel gloss lip color

The actions for the boy are think_rubchin and the girl to the left of the boy is flirt_coy and looking at him

And this story is called Fragile Heart. I’m sorry I forgot to include the clothing. my bad!

The girl with the books is wearing thick framed colored accents purple royale, Sweater Vest Striped Collared Tie Shirt Cotton Grey White, Holiday strap leather black, Pleated sequin skirt Metal grey warm Lt

The boy is wearing Tight fitting tanktop cotton grey black, devil leather pants black, boots rugged leather black

The girl next to the guy is wearing rising star earrings metalgold, devil sequin shoes black, plate gold necklace metal gold, rolled sleeve short Vneck shirt cotton pink soft eyes, denim boyfriend shorts denim navy blue

Also just for clarification this story is in limelight


I can do it (edited) :blush:

Thank you! Do u know how long it would take?

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Probably a few hours, not sure

Omg! Thank you so much!!

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Ok thank you very much!

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