Cover art needed please!

I’m needing some cover art for my new story that I’m just starting if anyone could help out that would be amazing! I’ll give credit too!


Episode diamonds would love to help what are the deatils

Examples are here

I think we would love a to help as well… I’m with EpisodeStudio

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I have one of my members do a large and a small for you

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It’s about a girl whose friend makes her sign up for a dating app and she ends up meeting an amazing guy but he doesn’t live close and eventually she ends up dating another guy she’s met but still has feelings for the dating app guy


I will need this

character deatils or screen shot

Story title

Author name

When do you need it

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The story is called “What If?”
The author is Mindy

And as soon as you can get it to me! I plan to make a couple episodes before I publish it anyways. Thank you!

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do you have the deatils like the hair and other stuff

Just like the picture the girl is straight hair fawn color and the one guy has black spikey hair and the other guy is a man bun fawn color

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How long does it usually take? No rush I cant publish my story yet anyways Im just wondering :smiley:

I need there deatils

like the hair and other stuff and there outfit

i thought i had sent the pictures maybe they did show up thats my fault ill attach the pictures now.

they don’t have the pose and its hard to erase the background

Did you want them standing still or in a pose

I need this








and the outfit

sorry its my first story i wasnt sure what i needed to give you. I want the girl standing in the middle and then the two guys on each side of her with the title “What If?” at the top. The background can be a city.

Body- Taupe

Brow- defined natural

Hair- straight fawn

Eyes- round classic green

Face- diamond

Nose- elven

Lips- full round rose


Boy 1:

Body- honey

Brow- medium sharp

Hair- boy bun fawn

Eyes- classic round brown

Face- cade

Nose- button

Lips- classic taupe


Boy 2:

Body- taupe

Brow-thick arch

Hair- spiked up hair black

Eyes-classic round blue

Face-defined triangle

Nose- button

Lips- classic taupe


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Thank you it make it much easier @Jasirella think you can do it

thank you! i really appreciate the help!

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