Cover art needed please!


I’m gonna go make the characters and your welcome also what is the pose


guys with the arms crossed facing her on both sides and her winking maybe? im not sure what i should have her doing any suggestions?


for the one with the spiked hair, his eyes are blue in the details but are brown in the picture, do you want it brown or blue?


Blue sorry I ended up changing him a little bit the details that I sent are what I want


how’s this? i can do a little bit more if you want.


I love that!! Thank you so much!


i can make the bigger one too, if you’d like.


I’d appreciate it. I’ll take all the help I can get!


Do you have any quotes for the “what if” story you’d like to add?


hope you like them!


I love these! I was gonna ask about he mature themes and you already did it your amazing!


thanks love. <3 glad you like them!


I could help but screenshot the characters and them doing a behavior/ animation

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