Cover Art Needed (Post Open)

Hi, I’m looking for someone to do a cover art for my story as well an animation art for an author picture. Credit will be given to the artist who makes it. Keep in mind I’m am looking for free art but if you do charge I’m willing to pay depending on the amount. (B/c baby on a budget :sweat_smile: ) If interested please comment down below. As well, if you have any art that you have done before you can also add your Instagram if you like :sparkles:


Are u looking for edited or drawn and if drawn are u willing to pay ?

Either or is fine. And I’m not really looking to pay honestly I rather just give credit to the artist for their work.

Here’s a shop that can possibly help out Jpassen's and catniss Magic of Wonder ART SHOP Now Open

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Thankyou for this ! after seeing the art in the workshop I realize I would like drawn art instead

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Heyyy! I’m Jess, I am a commissioned artist. Here are my prices and examples (I am also hosting a sale on my Insta (@/_justjess_x )




@Queen.CS i can do it for free

Hello there. My commisions are open. Feel free to check out my post to see if I fit your criteria :hugs: