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so im writing my story and i have a ton of ideas. because ther is no customization, i want to do some custom art scenes, but idk how and i would probably be really bad at it. if you know anyone, or are somone, that would be willing to create these for me, i would love it. i would give that person descriptions of the characters and the story behind the scenes. thanks :kissing_heart::blush:

Story link :

Here are some artists I recommend!
I’ve linked all the shops I could find, but some don’t have any shops open but are still willing to help.


@SinaoMua Natalia’s Cover Shop
@MalukahEpisode Starlight’s Request Thread
@_Nasia Naisa‘s Outline Thread
@kewpieKewpie’s pfp Thread
@AlexVale1 Alex’s Free Covers/ Edits
@epsd.ama Circe’s Request Thread
@MadisonW Madison W’s Art Shop 2.0
@Itz_Madison Itz Madison’s Art Request Thread
@Raybadem Greek Gods’s Official Request Thread
@Rylie Ryle’s Graphic Shop
@Turtle_Cat Turtle Cat’s Art Thread
@Sophbee Sophbee’s Art Thread
@Queen_K Creating Magic Art Thread


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