Cover art needed !{small and large}

I need a small and large cover art done plz

I can do it

I just need a few details on how you want it.

I could do one if she can’t.

ok you can

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Could I also do a cover I but I dont wnat to interefere

Ok! Do you want me to do large?

Yes please

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you can do a small

Ok, just send me a screen shot of your character(s) in their pose, the background, Author, and title.

Ok !

can I have the girl holding a gun faving the man which is flirt wink on any beach back ground
story name : pregnant by the devil
author : episodeforevermore

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Any chance you could get the characters in their pose? Thanks!

its the last one for the girl and the boy I want is like this but with brown hair with a beach back ground

Ok I’m doing the second set of details, are those the poses you want the two characters in? I just want to make sure! :wink:

yes thanks

I will send you it when its done! :grin:

k can you send me it over insta @episodefoevermore

Sure thing!


I will replie to the insta when it done if its done in the net 8 hours I cant reply but will reply after as in the uk its 22:15