Cover art needed - Urgent

I need a cover art for my first story, and I’m not sure how to make it.
Credit will be given

Title: Nightmares & Reality
By: Erica Kay

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Title: Nightmares & Reality
Author: Erica Kay
Description: Savannah was kidnapped when she was just 6 years old and has been living with her captors for the last 10 years. After something happens, she is finally set free but now must navigate through a life she has no idea about, dealing with love, heartache, drama, decisions, everything on her own.
Font: Cursive, fancy, old calligraphy style.

And the 2 characters are the 2 posted in my thread in those outfits. The girl has a scar on the bridge o her nose and cheek as well

can you send a picture of them doing the pose you want them to do

Yes, one moment

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I’d like her to be facing him

is the guy him who holds her captured

these are her captors

the other one is her crush / guy who tries to keep her safe

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okay. do you want them on the cover too

Yeah, with those poses, i realized it would look better with them on it as well.

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this one is for the big one

and for the full cover

hope you like them

I love these, thank you! What can I tag to give you credit?

that is alright you dont need to credit me for this covers

just dont go around and say you made them yourself

I won’t, thank you again.

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happy to help

Can you do a cover from me ?

Title: Hidden Original Vampire’s
Author: Ava_writes
Description: Jessa,Talia,Alex, and Alec are apart of the original vampire family. They attend school in New York…On there first day of school something unexpected happens…
Font: Cursive, fancy, old calligraphy style

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I would private message them :slight_smile:

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sure but you need to send me a picture of the chraterers in the pose you want. if you read my forum would see that I regrest that to make the cover