Cover Art needed❤

Hello community I am an author who is looking for a free cover art so if your intrested :blush:

What style is it?

Realistic will be commissioned.
Semi-realistic will be commissioned.
Cartoon will probably be commissioned, but there is a small chance of it being free on IG.
Episode-style has to be free, but pretty much every artist has a very long waiting list.
Edited will be free and is your best bet if you can’t pay. I can make you an edited one, or you can check a shop.

This is also in the wrong category. It should be in Art Resources.

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Can you go on my insta and dm me jada_episode_love

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Do you still need your cover done? Bc I take requests

Yes i do

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Then you can dm me on my ig episode_magda or you can pm me here but I’m going to school soon so I might write back in the afternoon