Cover Art Needed?


Hey! I just came up with a new story idea and would love it if someone could make me cover art?

I’ve already requested from Episode Harmony since they kept bugging me about it, but I requested and no one wants to do it apparently e.e

but anyway, leave examples below please xx


GREEK GODS CAN HELP!!! request below.


I just looked through the covers, it’s not exactly what I’m looking for.


The covers are outdated, but if that’s what you’d like it’s fine with me! Good luck writing.


I can if you still need it


Hi I’m from episode harmony but I thought some one started your request I can do it


@Rac5hel yassssss! There is no way that her work isnt what ur looking for! It’s absolutely flawless!


Aww your sweet :sparkling_heart::heart:


I’m here too!!! (To support @Rac5hel ) cough


I’ll send my examples



Don’t forget this one!


Thank you hun @Kalizzza :tulip:


Yes that one to lol


With my outline ofc! Lol


And this with @Aerial_author outline


Omg that’s gorgeous!


Yours is better than mine :cry:


I’m sure yours is amazing as well!


Yours is really beautiful to…


omg @Rac5hel you are TALENTED!!!