Cover art new story!

Hi everyone!

i really need some cover art for my story!

the title is : At the water’s edge

here are the details:

character 1 - needs to have a sad pose

skin - peach
Brow - thick arch
Hair - boy bun - auburn
Eyes - stoic almond
face - chiseled square (stubble)
nose - strong
lips - smirk - terracota

character 2 - sad pose also - preferably in the sad clutch kind of style

skin - light
brow - medium angled
hair - pixie - black ( i envision the character to have a long sweeping side fringe that covers her eyes - iff that could be added)
eyes - upturned feline - white
face - oval
nose - upturned
lips - full round - toffee

mauve blue crewneck sweater
violet faded jeans
ochre yellow utility boots
key necklace

punk look shirt
boyfriend jeans
black skater shoes
silver pendant

background: blurry if possible!

preferably the misty night time gazebo

if the story title could be included on cover that would be appreciated!


Would you like this drawn or edited? Because I can do it!

Drawn would be preferred! But whatever you want, you can play around with it how you like!


i completely failed life

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Thank you for this!

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It sucks a lot. Isn’t SmileyOcto up for an edit?

Yeah I can do a drawn cover if you’d like!

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If I do create them, are the poses and positions ok (from the cover the other person made)?

Yep that’s fine! Xx

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Alrighty, I’ll pm you with any more questions I might have! I should have it done in the next week or so

Hey I need a cover art for my story, it’s about a girl from Pluto who runs away because she is forced to Marry someone by her evil mother,
Keristina: mint color hair, purple eyes, 5”6, are blue lips, and honey colored skin hair style is like a Mohawk curly design
Cooper: Black hair, green eyes, 6”8, neutral lips, white skin, and cropped hair style
Keristina’s powers include: lighting, earth powers, fire, flight, and the Phoenix power(sorry if you never heard of that but it’s in x-men)
The story will mostly take place at beaches, Pluto, and caves
Thank you so much if you can do this!!!:heart:
From, Kristin Maye!:heart:

I’d recommend you look through the section “latest”. You’ll find a few Art Shops who do great art eg. Zombie Arts, Hershey Art, Lunalillies Art, Galaxy Art. Those are a few off the top of my head.

Ok I will thank you

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I can also help if you need it I’m not currently working on any covers right now…