Cover Art Pending


I finished my first story yesterday and I already have my cover art, and submitted it two days ago on desktop, it is still pending review.

On average, how long does it take to be accepted?

I created it myself, didn’t infringe any of the terms and conditions (as far as I’m aware).

Am I just being inpatient?



It usually varies based on the amount of covers that have been submitted around the same time as yours. I would say give it about 3-4 business day’s normally but at times can be shorter or longer.


Perfect, thank you.


I remember I uploaded mine on friday and it took so long then I realized of course it took long (yes, 3 days is long to me) so if you upload it friday they’ll get back to you monday most likely and if you upload it monday-thursday they usually get it back within a day, at least that’s how mine worked


Haha okay, thank you for the advice. I was only hoping it’d be ready for when I did publish it.


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