Cover art please

Can anyone make a cover for my story? I know @Episode-Royalty is backed up right now!
Title: Lola Love
Author: Chanell
Genre: Romnce/Drama
Characters I want on the cover

They can be posed however. I don’t have any ideas. That is the cover right now. Lola is the one in the middle Matt is the one with purple hair and Vince is the one in the school uniform.


can you make covers

I do make covers. :grin:

can you make me cover

here the picture

Sure! I have a thread up so go check out some of my covers and request there. (It makes my job a whole lot easier. :grin: )

1.Author name:Christelle

  1. Make her holding a gun in her hand

  2. Small cover and large cove

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Do you have a title name?

IT called Dangrous diva

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Here the picture of theginsuperthumb

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I mean gun

AND put her in it

Can we talk in the pm? We are kinda overtaking @ChayChay 's thread, :joy: Sorry btw.

@EpisodeAfra it says closed to catch up. lol that’s why I was trying to see if anyone else could help

Isn’t @LivLoveDance7 making you a cover? :slight_smile:

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I could make you one still cause you are a special customer. :joy:


yeah but she hasnt replied

Maybe she’s making it? Covers take time. :woman_shrugging:t3:

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but if she doesnt replied Im talking hers

What do you mean?