Cover art please?



Hey anyone who could help me w cover art?


I can!


thanks a lot!!! What should I do?


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Hey so, can I do one. I mean one of can do the large cover and another can do the small cover! And you have give her the character details


What do you want on your cover art and what’s the story or go to @epy.raven for cover art


omg! Would you do that? Small cover would be really nice


Omg! Would you do that? Small cover would be really nice


Do you still need help or is it sorted?


If you need a cover art, please check my thread I MAKE COVERS AND OVERLAYS (OPEN).




What’s the character details?


Main char aka REIGNA has tan skintone, medium angled eyebrows, straight black hair, downturned natural green eyes, soft heart faceshape, upturned nose, classic orange crush lips.

SETH has tan skin, thin arched eyebrows, diamond faceshape, generic short black hair, stoic almond blue eyes, button nose, full tapered terracotta lips.

ALEXY : fair skin, thick round eyebrows, short cropped platinum blond hair, gentle almond blue eyes, diamond face, refined nose, full tapered blush lips.

MANDY: olive skin, defined natural eyebrows, straight bob blue hair, slender pine eyes, diamond face, refined nose, classic raven lips.

MATT: mocha skin, bushy arch eyebrows, black cornrow bun hair, taupe deepset piercing eyes, diamond face, round nose, classic taupe lips.

this is a fantasy story so they’re dressed a bit weird. Shoul I write u the dresses too?


It is stored, thank you! <3


Oh okay, figured out.




Please can you help me with me cover too?


Ok thanks I’ll work on it!


title and author name please


Go visit Thicc Sister Hood they do very good art


Lamian -> title
Kira.Episode -> author name