Cover Art Request! - Von the Writer

So I’ve finished my outlines and scripts for my new story, “Empire” and I wanted to get my cover art before I publish it. If anyone could do my art or recommend any good artist I’d really appreciate it! The story is in Limelight, if you are recommending your own art work or someone else’s I want to see examples, and if you’re doing my art I’ll give you the description of my story. Thank you!


In case you would like me to do a commissioned work
:panda_face: commissions open :panda_face:
My Instagram is @epii.jessica


Hey what type of cover are you looking for?

As in size or type of art?

Thank you guys, I found my artist much appreciated for the help!

what did you do your outline on? or did you do it on the actual story create

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I do my outlines, scripts, notes, character sheets, on a google doc before I even touch episode create. I’m not the best writer in the world but hopefully I can help give you a few pointers, feel free to DM me!