Cover Art Request! šŸ’•

Hey guys!!
I would love to have some cover art done.
Attached is a photo of what I am currently using, I am totally open to ideas but want something with this vibe! Message me or comment if you can help :blush:

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What is the story description and can you also give some information about the story?

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Sure, I can do it, I only have not finished example of what covers I do

Is your story published?

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Yes my story is published!
In The Wrong by Darcee.Episode
It is a murder mystery set in Malibu CA.
A beachfront society full of the wealthy, famous and powerful, but when someone in your inner circle is found dead, everyone is a suspect.

This is my background without anything over the top if you want to use that, but again Iā€™m open to anything but I definitely want it to reflect the setting

If you still need it :see_no_evil: