Cover/ art scene request

Hi everyone hope everyone is safe and well.

I was wondering if anyone would be able to create an art scene that also might be used as a cover.

Thank you in advanced :slight_smile:

I could!

A commission?

Could I possibly see a few examples?

Unfortunately I can’t cause I have no money from not being able to work the past two months.

You should check out my art shop: Merr's art shop🦋 [OPEN&FREE]

You can make a request at my shop if you want
My art shop

Yeah sure! Give me a few!

Few mins*

Could you send me photos of your characters and the title please?

Hello everyone. My name is Alexandra and I’m new to episode. I’m working on my first story and wanted to know if anyone could do some cover art or an art scene for me? I tried looking for a request form on the site but didn’t see any.

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