Cover/Art scene shop! **FREEE***

Thank you! I currently have the construction of the characters in my head and have their characters designed but I would like to be further in the story. I will definitely need cover art very soon!

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ok then when your ready just request ill be happy to help

I would like to order!
Title: DL:Where Secrets Liw


Body: Female Generic Body

Skin Color: Copper 3

Eyebrow: Arched Thick Style

Eyebrow Color: Deep Brown

Hair: Beach Wave Hair

Hair Color: Hinger Red

Eyes: Deepest Downturned

Eye Color: Green Emerald

Face: Heart Soft

Nose: Round button

Lips: Small heart

Lip Color: neutral medium nude matte

Shirt: turtleneck quarter sleeves cotton white

Pants: Low cut crop top and skirt combo dress ( Color Silver )

Shoes: Ankle Tied Strappy Heels LEather White

Earnings: Thin Heart Earnings Metal Silver

Necklace:CollaredHeart Necklace Metal Silver

Freckles: Heavy (08-10)

below is her and the pose
Our deadline is in about a week ish?


Extras: Can there be like a muffin in the background (?)
The Font doesn’t matter, andForgotten Princess


great ill get it done soon!

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Thank you so much!

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this is what i have so far im not done yet tho



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This is amazing so far!

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it was hard to do the dress so im so happy you like it so far

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unfortanally i cant pls request here if you want it

i might need more time

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Ok, how long?

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maybe like anouther week added on sorry if its a problem i just dont want you to be confused when its not one time

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It’s all good, go ahead. I just need it before the 18 week deadline : )

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can you give me a spasific date like 00/00/2021

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April 6,2021? Is that enough time?

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i think yes

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Okay thank you : )

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Alrighty, i would like a art scene cover and if it isn’t too much work these are the characters cards

And the Reference could be something like this
The Story Name will be “Seeking For My Soulmate”
if you would like to put the name on it
Thank You, again if you can’t do it it’s fine i understand