Cover/Art scene shop! **FREEE***

ok ill get on it but just so you know it may take some time since i have reqest before you


Can you make me one? i want it to look kind of like this but, without the stuff on the side obviously lol

and i want the word, “Gone” in the middle of the art. if you are still doing it. if not then im sorry for the inconvenience

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Hey, how is my request going? no rush or anything it’s just been a bit

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Art Scene
2 people

2nd perosn- Female Athletic Body/Neutral 02, High Arch Angled/Dark Black, Messy Sock Bun/Red,Angular Slender/Deep Brown, Heart Defined, Defined Natural, Full Wide/Red Deep Gloss, Open Toed High Heel Pleather Grey Black/Cigarette Pants Polyester Red/Blazer Corset Top Polyester Red/Chained Pendant Simple Crystal Red Plum Rose
Instagram- wonder_cheyenne_episode

im so sorry im still working on it i just had a bunch of test for school and i had to deal with a lose of a family member so i took a little break


don’t be sorry, i totally understand, our lives come first,

I hope all your tests went well!

oh no! I’m so sorry! How are you holding up?


im ok it was sad at first but we all have to move on and they did


Omg im so sorry about that!

Oh my i’m so sorry! :pleading_face:

Hi, my name is Sara and I would like a art scene

Female Main Character:

Body: Female Athletic Body Color: Neutral 4
Brow: Arched Thin High Color: Black Dark
Hair: Sleek Ponytail Color: Warm White
Eyes: Female Genetic Color: Purple
Face: Diamond Nose: Defined Natural
Lips: Full Heart Pouty Color: Purple Deep Gloss

Also, I want her to be crying and the male main character hugging her

Can she be standing here please

I want the outfit to look something like this please if you can

Male Main Character:
Body: Male Athletic Body Color: Neutral 3
Brow: Arched Medium Color: Black Dark
Hair: Slicked Back Solid Color: Black Dark
Eyes: Narrow Almond Deep Smiling Color: Grey Cool
Face: Chiseled Angular Nose: Straight Pointed
Lips: Medium Straight Natural Color: Beige Light Gold Matte

Password: The lost princess
Deadline: Take your time girl and don’t worry :blob_hearts:
I will dm you in my story
Thank U
And I am so sorry for your loss :disappointed: :blob_hearts: :pleading_face:

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The amound of people: one
Charaters deets:
Body: female generic /rose03
Face: Diamond
Eyes: deepest upturned wide /brown deep
Eyebrows :arched natural /chestnut brown
Nose: grecian soft
Lips : full heart pouty / red matte
Hairs: Long straight loose bangs sideswept / brunette brown

Do you want highlights/bottoms of the hair a diffrent color: yes highlight golden blonde please
Do you have a tattoo freckles birthmark ect: no
Outfit refrence if drawn or the outfit in episode
Hairstyle i maybe can draw it if not hard: it’s in character deets
Pose charter already in pose of refrence pose
Wording and font: no wording I want for Insta pfp
Your Ig or tag on episode: @_imbhargavi _
Bhargavi (episode)
Extras: make it half body just like un tour 1st example
Deadline: no rush!
Password: The lost princess

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I still want it.

Hi are you still active?

Hey guys i need a cover for my story urgently please help