♥️cover art shop♥️

Hi everyone
School will be out tommorow.
I want to start making covers again
I will give some examples and a form :blush:

Please use thepassword and blur it too.
To make sure you understand the rules :blush:



Some are old, and some are new :blush:

Some go back to 2017 :grin::joy:



What style is it in (I do all styles):
Character details and Outfit:
Do you want it drawn or edited (might decline the drawn it depends on the pose😂):
Story title:
Any special wishes?:



please blur it


  1. Please don’t thread hop.
    Thread hopping is when you ask for the same request on another thread
  2. Please be patient
    I have school and I’m trying to finish it up :blush:
    And it will most likely take me 2 or 3 days
  3. When using the cover please credit
    @bonnie_tube :relieved:

That’s about all
:relieved: I hope you request here.
If not thank you for stopping by



Opps one more Example :relieved:


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I love the art :bowing_woman:t2:

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Do u do art scenes?

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It depends?
What do you need done :blush:

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I need an art scene of my two MCs

Proposal art scene:

Character deets :

Pose :

Outfits :


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Ok I’ll try my best :blush:

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Omg thank you!

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How is everything going?

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Almost done :relieved:

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Hey, how is everything going? :sweat_smile:

Hi! Its my first time writing something and I am currently learning. I just wanted to ask if you could make my story cover (large).

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Sorry this took long
I was so unfamiliar with ghe pose on episode
And tried with the Episode charachter
Is it ok if it’s drawn :relieved:
But not in a Episode style


hey girl could I order an artscene?
Password: Staypositive
What style is it in (I do all styles): LL
Character details and Outfit:

Pose: I want him to hold her and looking down at her. I want her to look up and point a gun at the screen (if you can) lower right
Do you want it drawn or edited (might decline the drawn it depends on the pose😂): drawn
Story title: N/A
Any special wishes?:
Background?: blured dark alley

I want a cover with this art style OWO :pleading_face:

Hi, i can make you a cover if you are still up to it.
Just contact me in private if you are interested and if you want more info :hugs:

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Hi i can make you your cover. If you are interested contact me in private :wink:

When will the cover be done?

I’ll give you some more info in private :wink: