Cover art? small & big please


Would anyone be interested in making a realisticish cover art for a story I’m writing please? Please post some of you’re work ^.^ I’m looking for a realistic cover please. ^.^


I would love to help you


Thank you so much! I really appreciate it!


I love making art… I just started drawing them… I will get my drawn examples for you.


Okay thank you ^.^


I just did an art scene but I don’t like it so much… lol but these are my drawn ones I like


I’m sorry :frowning: i kinda want a more realistic look for the cover. I love your art though!


It’s okay… lol I’m still working working on getting better.


they’re really great tbh they look like the actual avatars that episode uses ^.^ i Love them but i want to bring my character to life and give her a realistic look for a cover. keep up the great work! You can see improvements in the work i like it ^.^


Thanks. The bottom one was my most recent one


That one was my favorite one! XD that one and the one before it are really good ^.^


Thanks… I’m working on a drawing for fun now…


They’re really good!


Thank you


I can help also




image I’d love to!


I love your work! :heart_eyes: can you please do my cover!?




Thank you! What do you need?