Cover Art,Splashes, Edits And Drawings ✏ (I can do them on apps now) {Offline}

Request whatever here! Just send me the details and I’ll do it!
Remember to give me credits. My instagram is darkangel_episode.

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If u want to see some of my drawings, go to my instagram: darkangel_episode

Could you draw this for me?? It would be great if you could!! TYSM


Is this okay?

And do u mind if I post this on instagram?


No, you can!!


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Hey! Can u draw the body of this baby, for me?

Not the head, tho! I have that covered!

Just draw a baby’s body with a dress on!

And then one with a blanket around it, except I want the part that will be on top of the face to be on a different layer to make it easier for me.

Is this ok?

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If u want another color pls tell me.

Omg you’re so talented! What apps do you use to draw?

ibisPaint X

Ok thanks!

There r still other apps tho

Like picsart or something Don’t remember the name :sweat_smile:

Can you draw an outline of her for me?

Outline as in no colours or…? I’m not sure :thinking:

Actually just draw a closeup of her please

Do u want colour?