Cover art, splashes, overlays and character and background edits within 15 min {online}


Hi I can make cover art, splashes, overlays, simple background edits and simple character edits
I have some examples from my own story and some I made in request.


I will give you the sript with (the spots of) the characters, SO THIS IS ALSO USUABLE FOR CUSTOMIZABLE CHARACTERS! I can change the text in anything you want!

I couldn’'t chose whitch was better :laughing::joy:

You can use this one without asking, just give credit!

Character edit isn’t mine!!

Things I need to know:

  • What do you want? Cover, splash, or overlay?
  • Does there need to be a text?
  • Which characters do you want? Give the exact details! (looks, clothes and position)
  • What kind of background?

Please give credit to @jasmijnepisode on instagram if you use it!
Please do not ask anywhere else, maybe you have to wait a little but that isn’t a reason to go o the next design page!!




I am making an example with episode characters right now!


Two new examples are added!


You do not have to use it, I just want some extra examples but have no inspiration!


Can I get 30 splash


Do you mean 30 different splashes?


Hi could you make me a cover?


Sure, if you give me the details!


ok thanks!
let me just get some images for you!
(btw who do you want me to put credits for? ie:your insta or forum)


Sure! @jasmijnepisode on instagram, please!


ok sure

Could i have my text like this?

but with out the back ground
my two characters are

and in center the text
background something like a class room plz


and can the boys face each other plz


Sure, it will be done in 15 min!


wow thanks!


I am almost done, I only need to know where you will be using the cover…
In the story itself, as small cover or as the large cover?


ill be using it as small cover and when your done can i tell you what i want for large?


I am done, but the upload thing isn’t working…

Finally, here it is


i like it thanks


Glad you like it! Do you also want the large cover?