Cover Art & Splashes Requests [CLOSED]



Hey guys! My name is Rebecca K. and if you would like a cover for your story, please fill out the form below. I will usually be able to have your cover request complete within 48-hours of accepting your request unless I have personal matters to worry about. If you do request a cover, please comment down below so that I am aware of your request. Thanks!
~Rebecca K.

Waiting list:
~Crazy Chloe

Waiting List:

Here are some examples of some covers and splashes I’ve done just recently:


I submitted a request!


Okay. I’ll get working on it right away! :slight_smile:


Request submitted!:grin:


Okay. I’ll start on it as soon as I can! :slight_smile:


Would you mind telling me what you would like the background for both covers? I forgot to ask, Sorry about that.


The purple sky from the EXT. JUVIE ROOFTOP - NIGHT background.


Okay. Thank you! I’ll start on it as soon as I possibly can. :smiley:




i submitted my request. please go through it and if you accept my request i will send screenshots of characters


Okay. I will have it done by the end of today hopefully. :slight_smile:


hi, rebecca do you do warning covers?


I’m not interesed in a cover but how did you do that cool cover request form??
thanks :smiley: :sun_with_face:




I used a blank google form and then customized it to my needs. :smiley:




Yup! :joy::blush:


it is such a cool way can I use it to make a new topic in forum?


I don’t see why not! :sweat_smile:


Just submitted a cover request :heart_eyes: