Cover art tips/help?

Hey guys! So i’m just starting off my first story and was wondering if anyone could help me out with my cover art? I don’t necessarily mean make it for me but i would be super grateful if anyone could give me suggestions on how they make their cover art or ways to make it look good? I’m a perfectionist and have been trying to make a decent looking one for days now but just can’t seem to get it right hahaha. Any help would be super appreciated xoxo

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I use Ibis Paint X for most of my cover art, what I find works well is looking through clothes catalogues and finding poses that you think look good. I find a few I think would look good and place them in a collage before placing it in the top right corner of my page on ibis paint x and using it as a basic idea.

Okay, thank you so much for helping me out! I’ll start trying it now :slight_smile:

if youre looking for a free drawing app ibis paint x is the move!

i can always help with art so just pm me if you need any!!

But here are some basics:

Line art:

For smooth lines i use the brush “dip pen hard” then click the finger in the top right and turn on force fade and have the stabilizer set to 10. this should smooth out your lines more

  • I use adobe draw illustrator and it’s really good.

  • Don’t be shy about adding two much shadow. It really brighten the drawing

  • I suggest watching some videos on little drawings to learn any tricks. I usually watch Carlos Valdez.

  • Practice different art styles and find one that works for you.

  • Don’t expect your drawing to look perfect the first time especially if you don’t have much experience with drawing. I thought drawings was easy in the beginning but I was wrong.

  • Have fun while drawing! Most people forget that.


Okay, tysm that’s super helpful and good to know! xx

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Very helpful!! thank you, much appreciated x

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Is this the app you’re using? :heart:

This App?

Yes :blush: