Cover Art Wanted!

I’m writing a story in INK called “The Love Bet” and I could really use some cover art!
If anyone can help me out please let me know!

CosmicStar xx


send the details

What do you need to know?

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Character detail

screen shot

there pose

the background

author name



Author Name: CosmicStar

Background: Plain Purple with two dices above their heads

Poses: Jamie (right) winking,
Lara (center) One hand on hip smirking,
Niall (left) winking

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Thank you too!

`do you have their outfit

Niall and Jamie as they are in the screenshots more or less I’m not too fussy nor am I about Lara as long as she’s wearing something dressy but not formal

here is your splash

Anyway you could put a plainer background on that? It would look really great then!

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here is your splash:

@cosmicstar your (new) cover


The author name is CosmicStar not ComicStar but everything else is perfect!

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omg I’m soooo sorry

I’ll change it

Thank you so much! I love it

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Thank you so much!

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Naww np :kissing_heart:

Glad you got the cover you needed! Closing :slight_smile: