Cover art work for my new story!

Hey! everyone, I need cover art for my new story called Frontface, for my cover art I want the two drama faces in gold and the title in gold cursive, for the background I want a Hollywood red carpet premiere kind of vibe. I did something basic off of word but it won’t upload. You get credit for your artwork at the beginning at each episode.! an example of the faces:2030146915222262993781|690x460


We can do it!!

Episode harmony can if they cant


Don’t forget to credit @Besties_On_Episode

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OMG THIS LOOOKS NICEE ! I love the first one for sure, I only have a couple of suggestions

  1. Can you switch the faces around please. the happy on the left and the sad face on the right.
  2. remove Celina20, and replace with @Cel.writesepisodes at the bottom right hand corner.
  3. If you want you can put artwork by:Besties on episode ,to let people know you really did the artwork. (I’ll still give Y’all credit at the end of the episodes.)
    Thank you so much!:blush:
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