Cover Artist for new story THE IT GIRL NEEDED

I really need help making a cover for my story. Please, if you would like to create a cover for my story, The It Girl, I would really appreciate it if you showed me examples of your previous work or if you’re new, what you can do!

Thank you so much for reading.

If there are any requirements I need to meet to help better understand my story, please “pm” me and let me know.

And, as always, appropriate credit will be given.

I WANT YOU! (as my cover artist.)


want to see some examples

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Yes please.

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here are some examples


Those are really good. I like the style of all of the splashes and the second cover.

Can you replicate something like that for my characters?
If so, what information will you need.

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The character info

what kind of edit

when do you need it

background if you have

Okay. Going to need a minute.

Hello, I’d be glad to help out if you’re interested :slightly_smiling_face:
Here are some examples:
Example 1
Example 2
Thank you,
~Brooke Johnson

I appreciate the offer but I think I’m going to stick with the first one. Nice art though.


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What do you mean by kind of edit?

drawing art like these

Sorry about this late reply. Had to recheck some things.

hair- beach wave black
skin- umber
mouth- blossom lips dark
face- soft heart
eyebrows- seductive arch
clothing-blue breezy top

hair- short cropped strawberry blond
nose- broad
eyebrows- medium sharp
face- diamond
eyes- stoic almond green
mouth- uneven taupe
skin- light
clothes- red racing shirt and ripped punk pants

background- tropical beach- night
If the following is unable to be done please let me know…

I would like Tess at the center in the front only her upper half showing
if possible her bitting her lip looking to the upper right (at felix)

or Tess center only upper half showing, “smizing” forward arms not seen in either options
(if you come up with anything close to this give me your idea)

Felix behind her, his expression obvious that he likes her (confident)

have them be the brightest things and the background darker around them. but the moon and water light is bright

notes (if other two options are chosen Tess will not be looking at felix)

also have the it girl staggered across the bottom center or just center of the cover in black and white and in smaller print By Lumio Dunn underneath.

give it a modern and clean feel if possible.

due- in a month (if more time is needed let me know)

For editing style I’d prefer the one with the woman and man dancing. (maybe some drawing if necessary idk)

Thank you and sorry about this long request.

Let me know if this isn’t possible.

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Moved to Art Resources section! :v:t2:

Sorry i can’t do it cause i’m bussy you can ask @Jayla12 @bethanyk14 her thread is not close she just can’t change the title

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