Cover artist in need of some help

I just started this forum and I am willing to make covers. I am a writer with +80k reviews. I am making a new story and I have made a cover for it already. If anyone has any tips for making covers, I would love to learn.

I’m creating covers for people who need them! Describe the cover you want or take a picture and tell me the name, author name, and which background you want and I’ll be happy to make it for you!

Photoshop or digital art?


Can i see examples

I just started doing this, I’m sorry I don’t have examples. But I am pretty skilled at making covers.:sweat_smile:

If you’re skilled at making covers, you should have some examples to show :thinking:
It’s nice to know what style the person uses when making covers so people can determine if this is someone that they want to make their covers-time is important, right? And it would be wasted if both parties had different cover images in mind…
And if you’re scared, you could always add a watermark on your art :slight_smile:
But then again, this is my opinion and I respect that you’re willing to help out so many people-covers are very important to an author-it’s the first thing you see for a story :sunglasses::sparkling_heart:
Good luck :green_heart::sparkles:


Thanks for the advice. I understand what I need to do. I am kinda new at this. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

Do you make splashes as well?

Yes I do! Do you need one?

Background: com-2261237
Body: Toffee
Brow: Thin Arch
Hair: Short Cropped (Chestnut)
Eyes: Stoic Almond (Green) (I think?!)
Face: Defined Triangle
Nose: Button
Mouth: Uneven (Taupe)
The pose can be any.
Text: “Carter’s point of view”
Background: Same
Body: Caramel
Brow: Seductive Round
Hair: Natural Curls (Black)
Eyes: Upturned Bold (Brown)
Face: Soft Heart
Nose: Upturned
Lips: Full Round (Umber)
Text: Catrina’s point of view.
Thanks in advance!
:sparkling_heart: :sparkles:

What animation do you want each character to be doing?

Any animation is fine!

So, they can both be happy? Is that okay?

Of course!

Episode harmony can send the details at the link please

I think @Turtle_Cat was doing it I think

It’s alright, Turtle_Cat is already doing it.

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You just advertised lol

Hi we are looking for new artists can you join?