Cover artist needed asap! (ink)

hello! i am in desperate need of a cover artist for both small and large cover.
I will credit you however you wish to be credited.
male description:
skin: honey
brow: thin arch
eyes: gentle almond (taupe)
hair: generic short (strawberry blond)
face shape: defined triangle
nose: button
lips: uneven (terracotta)

female description:
skin: umber
brow: seductive arch
hair : beach wave (blue light)
eyes: upturned feline (blue)
face shape : oval
nose : elven
lips : full round (rosewood)

character poses: i would like the male to be holding the female by the waist and the females leg around the guys leg or waist (if you can)
story title : odd colors combine
author : nala m.
i would like the cover to be drawn rather than just getting the characters and placing them on a background.
if you’d like you may tag your name on a small part of the cover.

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I can!
Would you like to see some examples?

yes of course !

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Hey if you still need it lmk


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