Cover Artist Needed (DRAWN LL)

i’m currently searching for an artist who can make me a drawn LL cover…

i wouldn’t need it for a few weeks to a month, but i’m trying to get everything together.

my plan is to have a new cover for when i release season two of my story, which won’t be for a little bit.

if you’re able to help, drop some examples of your work or pm me! thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

edit : found someone!

Hello! I’m a digital artist and my commissions are open. I just posted a topic to show some examples but you can see my work on Instagram
Thank you and have a good day :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I wish you the best for your story

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You’re very talented, and I wish I could have art made by you, but i’m looking for something free…

Thank you, though!

No problem, I understand completely! Feel free to follow my instagram account, I’ll often do giveaways and contests so maybe you can win one in the future.
Thank you very much :relaxed:

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I can help.
Here are some examples of mine. Untitled28_20200529235408

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Those are amazing, it’s just not the style i’m looking for… Thank you so much though!!

Coconut’s Art Shop
Angels Art Shop


@Jeremy can you close this? Thanks!!