Cover artist needed -free! Xx (LL)

Hey people,

I need an artist that will draw out my cover for free for my story- Falling for Elijah Rodriguez (LL)

Please reply if you are willing to do so!xx

Add me on ig: d_writes20

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If you donโ€™t find anyone soon, check out an art shop! :blob_hearts: :blob_sun:

Do you still need an artists love? Bc i do take requests

Hi there! I am still looking for a cover artist. Do you have an art shop or do you take personal requests?

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I take personal requests

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Do you do it for free ( which can also include credit in the story ) or do you require any payments?

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I do it for free

Oh okay, thatโ€™s good, iโ€™m looking for someone that would do it for free! Could you show me some of your previous art works ( Like covers etc)?
Thanks x

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Hi right now i got quite a lot of requests so if you could wait a week then i could take your request if that ok?

Sure thatโ€™s okay! Let me know when you are available x

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Hi love if you like i can take your request right now as i dont have any requests if your still intrested i would need the character deets, pose, outfits and the background x

Hi there!
Iโ€™m so sorry, Iโ€™ve only just seen this message x
Could you be able to send through some of your past / recent artworks? Just so I can see what kind of style artist you are x Iโ€™m sure they are amazing!
Thank you for remembering me x

Here are my characters details (Iโ€™ll send the poses after I have seen some of your art works as I am still unsure about them- my story genre is romance )

Girl (AKA Kyla)

  • Female athletic body (skin colour Copper 03)
  • Brows: Arched Natural Scar (brow colour: Black Dark)
  • Hair: Short wavy Ombre (Hai colour: Black Dark)
  • Eyes: Female generic (eye colour: Hazel)
  • Face: Diamond defined contour
  • Nose: Defined natural
  • Lips: Full round pouty (Lip colour: Neutral medium nude gloss )
  • Clothes: (dress) Tight Spaghetti strap dress satin red true, (Shoes) Holiday Strap Leather black), (Earnings / accessories) Triangle long earrings metal silver AND clutch quilt stitched metal clasp leather grey bag AND Noveau gem pendant necklace metal silver. (Tattoo) Dragon Sleeve Tattoo Solid, (Scar) Scar nose bridge (00- 03)

Boy (AKA Elijah)

  • Male athletic body (Skin colour: Copper 04)
  • Eyebrows: Straight medium scar (brow colour: Deep brown)
  • Hair: Slicked back solid (hair colour: Brown Black)
  • Eyes: Narrow almond deep sunken (eye colour: Blue deep)
  • Face shape: Chiselled Angular
  • Nose: Male generic
  • Lips: Full heart natural (lip colour: Neutral Medium Nude matte)
  • Clothes: (Shirt) Blazer Tux shiny V neck sequin black, (Pants) Trim belt preppy slacks cotton grey black, (shoes) Classic pleather oxfords leather black , (tattoo) Full body tribal skull lace ink black, (earrings) Multi cartilage piercing metal silver.

Thank you for contacting me x

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Awesome should i send the on ig or here?

Hey! I could make a cover and art scene for you.If you are interested dm me on insta-twilight09_episode,here are some of my artsIMG_20210203_124547|279x500