Cover artist needed please!

Must accept paypal! looking for cover art and possible other art work in furture!


hi!! my talented friend does commissions, you can see some of her examples under here:


(10 - 50)

if you want to check her out, click on the link below!!
thank you for your time <3 :DD!!

I have a shop here: Defenestration's Art Commission Shop (Paid) {OPEN} with prices and examples!

I can do your art for free.
here are a few examples of a recent art scene I done:

Let me know if your interested.

I can help you out. For examples look at my Instagram: @aykayepisode :heart:

Hey! I could make a cover and art scene for you.If you are interested dm me on insta-twilight09_episode,here are some of my arts!