Cover artist needed

Hi guys, I’m currently writing a new story and I would really appreciate if someone would be able to make a art cover for me please. My instagram is gee_stories, if anyone is able to help my I would be most greatful. Thank you.

I might be able to. You can request here!

@Penny2 I need a cover too if you can help me thanks and I’ll tell you what I want if not it’s fine Please tell me ASAP

Sure! PM me!

Thank you!! I’m still new to using the episode forum, so I think I sent a request on Episode Starlight, but I’m not too sure.

Sure! You could also just PM me if that would be easier

Sure, I’ll pm you as well, thank you

@Penny2 So sorry I’m new how do I pm you?

Just click my avatar, and them click the blue button that says message!