Cover artist needed 😊

I’m beginning a new work on Episode called Philophobia
The basics of the story is-- Rose, a young high school girl, falls for the mystery boy, Ryland, whom everyone wants to learn more about after they are forced to hang out due to them being new neighbors. Ryland, after basically getting his heart tore out by an ex girlfriend, who yes was a bit older than he was, is afraid to love anyone trying to protect himself from the hurt of heartbreak again. Rose is determined to help him trust her even if it takes forever.

I don’t yet have an exact idea for a cover, i was just hoping for a sorta surprise I guess, the characters haven’t been created completely but I do know what I would like them to look like.

If anyone’s interested in it just get back to me on it

Thank You! :relaxed:

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Is it in ink or Limelight

Its in Limelight

The characters don’t necessarily have to be in the design its all in whats easier for you to do

err i mean ink, i got a little bit mixed up