Cover Artist WANTED (New Story)

Hello everyone! I’m currently starting a new story, and I need an artist who is capable of making me a cover. I would like it to stand out and grab the attention of potential readers. Obviously, credit will be given at the start of every chapter! Let me know if anyone is interested. Thanks!


Edited or drawn?

Drawn if it’s not to much work.

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I’ll send more specific details, if you’re interested,

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Send me the details!

Name : Paradise Bound
So it’s a romance story, and I mean be creative with it. Here is the plot if this will help you out : After graduating from college in Seattle you decide to go back to your parents house and live in Miami. What happens when a college friend also moves to Miami?

Here are also the MC character details and her love interest:

Character Details : April

Body : Light

Brow : Seductive Arch

Hair : Beach Wave Hair (Black)

Eyes : Upturned Bold (Green)

Face : Soft Heart

Nose : Soft Natural

Lips : Classic (Bordeaux)

Character Details : Adrian

Body : Light

Brow : Thick Arch

Hair : Short Cropped Hair (Black)

Eyes : Stoic Almond (Blue)

Face : Defined Triangle

Nose : Button

Lips : Uneven (Blush)

Let me know if you need anything else.

Also have outfits as well if you need them. This story hasn’t been created yet i’m waiting to get all the artwork so I don’t have pictures.