Cover Arts and Splashes (1-60 minutes) (Free) (Closed)



Making covers and splashes for stories!

All I need to know to make one for you is;

  1. Title
  2. Name of Author (optional)
  3. Characters you would like to have
  4. Short description of your story
  5. If you have (a) certain background or objects you would like to have on the cover/splash

Here is an example of what I can do :smile:
Please do not use this image for you own story as I am using it for my new story




I love it but you got to erase Your watermark


didn’t @SilverStar make you that


No I didnt


Because someone made it for her


I did but it’s a different one


guesse she got inspire by you to make a cover


I asked for a cover a few days ago and SilverStar made one for me but it was my idea to make it like this :slight_smile: I loved SilverStar’s one and I got inspired to try and make my own and it turned out good


It’s nice


Hey just wondering what app you use to create covers?