✨ Cover Arts, Edits, Profile Pictures, Splashes... (CLOSED)



Well, this is my third thread and I’m really bored after my exams. If you need art, request down below! Ink only.


Request form for edits (edits, art scene, profile picture)

Skin tone:
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Lip Color:
Text (Optional):
Length (until the waist or just the face):
Additional Info?:

Request form for Covers

Small or big cover?:
Type (Real person, edits, cartoon):
Character details:
Additional Information:

1. No Drama
2. Please do not request any art if you do not need them
3. Please understand that I may not finish in your required time
4. Please state what you want clearly

If you have instagram, state below so that I can tag you!

Liqingluv Art Scenes/ edits/ splashes/ covers / profile picture {CLOSED}

Can I request a character edit?

My Deets.

Pose: flirt_wink_forward
No text please
Length: waist and up please.


Okay! I’ll do it ASAP! Do you need a background? If you need, what background?


Does matter to me!


Skin tone: copper 01
Brows: straight medium
Hair: beach wave
Hair Color: chestnut brown
Eyes: female generic
Eye Color: light brown
Face: heart soft
Nose: defined natural
Lips: full pouty
Lip Color: medium neutral matte
Pose: idle armcrossed neutral

Text (Optional): @nicole_episodestories
Length (until the waist or just the face): waist up
Additional Info?: background paint splat


If someone sends you a request and you need a screenshot of the character do you want me to help you out and get the screenshot myself?


No thanks.


Hi I finished your request


Uh, sorry @NICOLE94 I can only do ink now as I need an ipad to do limelight. Is it okay? I’m sure there is other editors that could help you. Sorry.


No worries :grin:


Do you need any ink edits I can help you with instead?


Yeah sure give me 1 sec to get my info


Ok! Thx!


skin tone - light
hair beach wave fawn
brows soft angled
eyes upturned bold brown
face shape soft heart
nose soft natural
lips classic terracotta

You can choose a background :grin:


Okay. I’ll finish latest by tomorrow!


What action do you want? :grin:


Thank you and flirt wink :grin:


I love it! Cute top. Very stylish and adorable!


Thank You!:grinning:


Hi I finished. Feel free to ask for a redo. Sorry it took so long!