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Im really glad you made this thread. Are you still available for any requests?

I would love to get a character edit for my big cover.
STORY TITLE: The Lost Princess
Character details:
Skin: tan
Brows: Thick flat
Hair: Blasting blue / Straight
Eye : Purple/ Round Bold
Face: Soft heart
Nose: elven
Lips: Full round / Ruby Red

Background: Any background with stars at night… or anything similar.
Author: T. Sofia
Additional Information: I want her to flirt_wink but are you able to make her hold in her hand a rond water ball…’’ My character has the power to control water…’’
Also she can basically wear anything that is color white… and she has to have the moon necklace on. Capture

Thank you so much! Let me know if you need more info!


It,s for my small cover not the big cover sorry. :slight_smile:


Okay @T.Sofia You’ll have to wait for a few days before I start. Hope you don’t mind. Thank You for requesting! :grin:


I don’t mind at all ! Thake your time. Thanks hun! :grin:


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I hope you didn’t start I wnat the large cover not small cover ! sorry for being so confusing :flushed:


Okay. Thanks. I haven’t start yet though


Hi! @T.Sofia Sorry it took so long. I was very busy and had to redo this many times. Hope its okay!:sweat_smile:


Just in case, i’ve also included the small cover. Do you have instagram so I can tag you?


Thank you so much ! I really love it!:heart:


Skin tone: olive
Brows: seductive arch
Hair: diva curls
Hair Color: black
Eyes: upturned bold
Eye Color: auburn
Face: oval
Nose: elven
Lips: full round
Lip Color: scarlet
lip color: toffee
lips: uneven
nose: button
eyes: deep set piercing
eye color: green
face shape: defined triangle
brow: medium sharp
hair: short cropped
hair color: black
skin color: honey
Pose: female is winking and male is winking too
female: plain sheer leggings, military style maroon boots, maroon jacket, black zip up bra
male: black leather jacket, red striped shoes, red shirt(optional)
Text: To be continued. . . See you next time!
Length: of what? (I’m confused)
Additional Info: background Club%20Background
Please and thank you!


Okay sure I’ll do it but can you let me know how many panels is this? So I can change the size? Tysm!!!


1 panel please.


I’m sorry @Skyler23 you might have to wait for one more week before I could start on your art. I’m soo sorry!


That’s fine. I’m just glad that you guys are doing art for me.


Thanks! If you need any changes, feel free to contact me! Once again, so sorry.


@Skyler23 I finished your edit! I hope this is what you expect. So Sorry I’m way past the date! :sweat_smile: I hope its okay! :grin:


That’s fine, it was worth it, this is amazing! Thank you so much!


Thanks! If you need any changes, please ask me! :grin: