Cover ASAP please

Hi y’all so if it’s not to much to ask for I would like it if someone would do a cover for me for my story called mated to the devil for free image|281x499

They are the main characters of the story I would like it if the male character would hold her while the girl would turn around and wink if this is possible I would like the background to be all fire and the top to say mated to the devil and then who ever will make my cover can credit them on the cover saying that you made it

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Can you add the character details please?

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Here are all there details

Both male and female character details are there plus there clothing details

I can do covers as well. Here are some examples;

If you would like me to do one…

Sure but my story is ink not limelight

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Actualllyyyyy, I just went thru the details and i think thats beyond my level. sry

It’s ok

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Hi if u would like i can do my best for it send me the deets tho

Ok will do

If u still need a cover, u can come to my shop…

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Hi so was wondering if u know how to resize images ?


Yep, I do

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Could u possibly resize some for me pls

ok…pm me

Alright thx the first one had to be 3 zones and 2 has to be one and tysm

Could u give the dimensions u want them in…

Ok will do