Cover, Background and splash thread

Hey guys i am starting a cover , background and splash thread
please be kind and say if you don’t like the result or you want something changed please say instead of us both wasting our time.

  1. You NEED to fill out the form
  3. If you use my art you gotta mention me
  4. Be nice on my thread
  6. You need to write EPIARTHELP1221 or i am not gonna do your request
Cover Form

Characters ( if there are any):

Splash form


Background form

How would you like the background?
Any details?:

Examples of my art



Hey, I’d really appreciate a cover. Thanks.
Here’s the information:
Title: The New Boy
Background: Coffee shop
Characters: A girl and a boy (None characteristics specified)
Details: The girl is looking at the boy. Could you put more attention into the title instead of the characters and make the title on three floors
Like that, if you can. The caption should also cover the two characters a bit.
(Also could I use the closet background that you posted in this topic, giving you credit of course)
Thanks in advance


I really want a background with a like the first one but of course differently.
elaborate : my character is an INK male character so I want him to have man clothes in the closet. I like a bit of collors in my backgrounds so if it’s possible give it a warm an welcoming collor.
characters: Charlie
any details: not really needed just make give it an welcoming collor and it will be fine

hey you forgot the password resent you request and i can make it for you

Hey you forgot the password resent you request and i can make it for you

Yeah sure give me 25 minutes

Made one not with a table so if you want a character to sit there you just need a table overlay
Hope you like it please say if you wont something changed and remember to credit me :grin:

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I love it thank you so much!!

Hi! Would you be able to create a background for me? :blush:

How would you like the background? Beds on a ship for the crew. It would be in a Victorian-ish/royal style.
Elaborate: I put more information in the “Any details” part
Characters: None

Any details

It would kind of look like this:

But, these images are from Minecraft and I didn’t really feel comfortable using them in my story. It would have at least 6 beds. You can do bunk beds or beds next to each other like in the picture. Everything else is up to you as long as it looks like it’s on a ship and the characters can actually do a sleeping animation on it. Ex. sleep_sitting, lay_asleep_loop, etc.

Super sorry about the password :confounded: It’s EPIARTHELP1221.

do you have insta?

Your welcome please say If There is anything i Can do If you want itchanged and remember to credot me and recomend me If you like

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Ok it will take 25 minutes

alright but how do I credit you on insta or on episode forum ? and if so what is you’re insta?

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You can just credit me on episode (if you like it’s not that important the only important thing is that you like it and use it :grin:)

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I love it I just have a question do you know a place where I can get that laptop with table as an overlay ?

no but can make it for you it will just take some time because i am doing two others right now

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That’s ok

thank you´re time the backgrounds still need to be approved anyways :relaxed:

What’s the stile exactly?
and do you like these sorts of bunkbeds (This is only one random type i am just trying to see what you are looking for but i kinda have an idea)

It can be any type of bed. This for example:


The only requirements I have are that there’s enough space so I can let my characters sleep on it, there’s at least 4 or 5 beds and that it looks like it could be placed on a ship. Think pirate ship I guess. Like this:

Example Images

Or in this kind of style: