Cover/background artist needed!

Hello there artists!! I’m looking to find someone to to do cover art for my story and some backgrounds for the story itself. I’m super excited and hope I get to talk to all you awesome gifted artists.

What I’m looking for:

I’m doing a fantasy story about a werewolf boy and a witch girl. I have some pose ideas for the art that I’ve found on the internet I’d be happy to show you.

There are a few major places parts of the story will take place in.
Her dorm room
The outside eating area
The old willow

I have ideas of what I want each place to look like and I’d love to talk with a artist about getting these drawn.

Feel free to hit me up here or over google hangouts at

I can’t wait to hear from you!!


Hello!! And welcome to the community! I’d be more than happy to create cover for you!!


Hey I might be able to help with the cover also if you’d like :blush:

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Hi there! Welcome to the amazing episode Forum community! I’d be pleased to help you out and be your story artist! If you agree , here is my latest edit, if you want any other examples, feel free to tell me

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We could help

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I’d love for you to pm me with some of your more recent work. I’m looking for the limelight art style.


Hello I will be happy to help
You can see my art work at my insta @unicornaniEpi