Cover Change! *Please Help*

Hey! I’m looking for someone (or an Art Shop) who can do a art cover for me. It’s not a request that meets the actual standard.

(Note: I’m not able to pay for this)

The difference is that I already have covers for my story (in Limelight) and I’m looking for someone who can make a drawn cover out of it. Or in this case there would be two (Small and Large Cover which are not the same). Since I use overlays in my story, I would then add titles myself (I use the cover as story intro using overlays).

Thanks in advance!


In case you want commissioned art check mine out!:laughing:

:panda_face: commissions open :panda_face:

And here is my Instagram

Thanks, but I’m too young to pay… :sweat_smile:

That’s alright :two_hearts: I was letting you know the options…and thank you