Cover competition


You can change it and if it’s cute I’ll use it in the story


I’ll credit you too!


ANNOUNCEMENT: If you are unsure of something you may pm me your rough draft. If it is not your final copy you need to make that clear in the pm. I am exceptig final drafts before december 12th but there is no rush. Thanks and have fun!


Here is my entry.




Sorry if the outline is not the best. I am still new at drawing.


I thought it was awesome better than anything I could have done :joy::joy::joy:


:blush::smiley: Thank you.




Just a tip: You can use the frase He turned off his humanity


Awesome I definitely will


My entry:


Hey it’s the first of December and our competition is slowly coming to an end I hope your ready and enjoy the rest of your day


How. Is That. Possible.? I wish I could draw like that.


Aww, thank you! It’s just practice :blush:


Hey any more submissions? We’re coming close to the end



Sadly I did not get to see your submissions I will still except them though


I’m sorry :disappointed: I haven’t had time


I got busy :man_facepalming:


I am so sorry dear, got too much busy completely forgot, but I will do it today if it’s still time?