Cover competition! :)

The time has finally come to create a cover for my new story called ‘The Nightmare In My Mind’!
This story is all about mystery and drama.

Here is the blurb:
Dreaming about future events is natural right? Well, what about when bad things happen to those around you when you do? The only thing is you don’t know who it will happen to…

Ok, on to the competition!! (this is so exciting for me!!)

Things to include

  1. Title: ‘The Nightmare In My Mind’

  2. The MCs: (Ava is the main character who experiences the nightmares)

*Axel is not an integral part of the story, he is impacted by events from Ava’s nightmares and is also her love interest.
*You can put whichever clothes feel necessary for the cover you want to do and also whichever pose.
Just be aware that it is a mystery story and the cover should convey that Ava has the nightmares and her parents, brother and Axel are impacted (as well as others but they aren’t important yet)

  1. Parents and the brother of the MC as they will be affected in the story:
  • Mum:
    Body: female generic (rose 02)
    Brow: arched thin (black dark)
    Hair: classic bob (black dark)
    Eyes: round medium (blue deep)
    Face: heart mature
    Nose: defined natural
    Lips: full round pouty (pink beige matte)

Ballet Flats Leather Blue Royal

Belted Open Tight Midi Dress Floral Blue Orange

  • Dad:
    Body: male soft body (rose 02)
    Brow: arched medium (black dark)
    Hair: medium waves natural (black dark)
    Eyes: sloping heavy lid (blue deep)
    Face: round soft
    Nose: straight pointed
    Lips: medium heart (fair neutral matte)

  • Brother:
    Body: male generic (rose 03)
    Brow: male generic (black dark)
    Hair: wavy messy (black dark)
    Eyes: male deep sunken (hazel)
    Face: male generic
    Nose: male generic
    Lips: full heart natural (pink peach medium gloss)


Winner: Gets to co-write an episode with me for the story and gets their own characters in the story.
First runner-up: Gets two of their characters in the story.
Second runner-up: Gets one of their characters in the story.

*Disclaimer: the characters that belong to the winner and runner-ups will be inserted into an episode and I will contact the winner and runner-ups when their character appears in an episode to let them know which ones and any extra thoughts about how their character could be portrayed.

*Disclaimer: credit will be given to all entries in the first episode of the story given that it is approved before the date in which I choose to publish the first few episodes. If not, a credit will be given in a future episode in which I will discuss this competition and announce the winners, although I will post the winners here anyways.

Goodness, I like to say a lot! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I literally cannot wait to see them!!!

(if you have completed a gorgeous cover please message me privately on forums x)

The deadline: 26/07/2020

If you have any more questions or just want to chat:
Instagram: @Nunsie2307
or just message me on forums


I’ll Join! :slight_smile:

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YAY! I literally can’t wait to see what you do!!! x

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