Cover Contest! <3


This is Ms. Romancce. I need a cover for my story, Alone Together.
Who ever replies to this and makes the best cover will be given one of the three things:

1rst Winner Awards:
-A character in story
-A Caracter edit
-A follow
-A spam of likes

2nd Winner Awards:
-A charater edit
-A follow
-A spam of likes

3rd Winner Awards:
-A follow
-Spam of likes
-Maybe A character edit

Thanks guys! Love you all!


alright, what are the character details


The character details are:

Lucy Details:
Eyes: Upturned Feline (Blue)
Mouth: Classic (Bubblegum Pink)
Face: Soft Heart
Hair: Fishtail Braid (Auburn)
Eyebrows: Soft Angled
Nose: Elven
Body Color: Light


Eyes: Stoic Almond (White)
Mouth: Classic (Blush)
Face: Square Jaw
Hair: Short Cropped Hair (Platinum Blonde)
Eyebrows: Thick Arche
Nose: Button
Body Color: Light



is it romance??


Yes it is.


I’ll try! When do you need it??


I don’t really care when I get it. Just take your time and get it to me when you can! <3


Okay :3 My art is normally very galaxy is that okay? Or should I try not to use the galaxy effect? XD


Galaxy is perfect!! X3


Awesome! I’ll have it by tomorrow :slight_smile:


Perfect! Tysm for doing this!


Anything to help :slight_smile:

Good day xox


I know someone who might be able to help you.


@dasha_author You should do this!


Lol, hm…:thinking:




No pressure! If you don’t want to, you definitely don’t have to!


No, I’m actually intrigued! :slightly_smiling_face:


Wow thanks!!


Np! :wink: