Cover Contest <3

Hi! I need a cover art for this story I’m working on!

It’s about a powerful assasin and I’m very excited about it!!

If your interested in helping me out and wouldn’t mind to create a cover art for me, you can message me privately or reply or whatever you feel most comfortable with!

If you don’t mind and your an artist please reply!

Character Details :

Neutral 2
Arch Thick Styled ( Deep Brown)
Long Feathered (Platinums Blond)
Female Generic (Blue Aqua)
Diamond (face)
Defined (nose)
Full Heart Pouty (Pink Peach Medium Gloss)

I could do your cover but can you send me the chracters and the poses in full body

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I enter

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Thank you very much :smile:

Alright :blush:

The one in the red is the main character :blush:

Thank you <3

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If you want, you can check on my examples on this thread and request there! I just prefer doing art on one thread it helps it be a little more clearer, but it’ll still be a part of the contest!

Is it too late to enter?

I drew to of her characters, and sh and ending telling me she didn’t need it when it was ink. I was super angry. So I guess she’s not doing it anymore.

Oh that’s too bad, especially for your art. She should’ve put down an ending date. Thanks

I’m sorry but I don’t recall telling anybody that I don’t need the art anymore. I still need the art but I couldn’t check my account because i was having trouble with my device. I’m sorry if i made you think that your work was for nothing I would be happy to check it out if you would let me. Again I’m really sorry.

It was on my groups thread here it is

I can continue with the 3rd one if you’d like :woman_shrugging:t4:

Hi, I’m happy to help. You’ll receive your work almost instantly on my new thread.

My new thread - Plethora Graphics
Old thread - Art Resources

Hope you consider my offer,

You have very amazing art skills! That would Be great if you don’t mind :grin: Again, I’m very sorry that I made you feel that your work was for nothing.

It’s fine. I’ll be continuing your 3rd character now

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

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