Cover contest<33333333

Looking for someone to make me a cover for my new story. I have certain idea and I really want someone to create it for me,

The only difference is Skylar’s nose is now upturned.

I want Hayden pinning Skylar against a tree looking into eyes as if they are about to kiss.
woods in the background. I need this by 7/15 so if anyone can make me something like what I am imaging it’d be great!!! I will give credit!!! the name of the story is Mate Bond: The Burning.

Let me see what you guys can do!!!


I can

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Thank you thank you thank you!!

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I be working on it now

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what is the outfit

The outfits they are in in the character details. Skylars nose is upturned now but other than that everything in the character details above are the same.

no only the characters details

White v neck and black ripped pants for Hayden black boots and teal lace strapless top, black leather jacket, edgy boots and silver pendant necklace for Skylar.

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I have made this for @HaileyBombshell today do you want it like this

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the outfit you gave me are wrong

I like that. And what was wrong with the outfits??

I copy and paste but the outfit didn’t show

How else should I give them to you? I described them of that helped but I don’t know how else I could show you? Any ideas?

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I described them in a previous comment not sure if you saw that. I can’t wait to see!!

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I did i copy and paste it but it was wrong but i found it myself

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Hey, you said this was a cover contest, am I allowed to make a cover as well…?

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It is a contest anyone can join

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Yes your welcome too. All the info is in the comments (:

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Is anyone working on these??

@Lovelylauren, I liked your idea so I decided to give it a shot, Let me know if you like this:
small cover:
large cover:

Hope you like it :slight_smile:

Ps: If you do use this…I’m a digital artist and would mean a lot if you follow me on instagram (