Cover Contest! Both large and small covers please!

I would like a great artist to try and make my cover!
Title: UnSpoken Truth
Author: Jesay
Description: Rosa is in a battle with Anxiety and Depression everyday. Help her through her life as she battles these issues!

Background: dark purple
If you need any other information please ask @lilysmith10 or @ChayChay

Thank you so much!

I’m gonna tag a few people who might be interested!


If anyone knows some who’s might be interested please tag them!


I can try, did u want very detailed or basic?

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It’s a contest. So however you would like to do it.


Can I please join

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Yes you may…

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I’ll join! By when do you need it? :kissing_heart:

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May I ask a few questons please?

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Whenever we are still in the first chapter of the story…

Yes you may.

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@lilysmith10 which name are we going with? We need to let them know for the cover… :grin::kissing_heart:

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Oh ok cool!

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UnSpoken Truth

Just like that

  1. What background would you like

  2. What text style would you like

  3. What text color do you want

  4. Any effects/overlays

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  1. A dark purple background

  2. Surprise us

  3. Something that pops out on the background

  4. Maybe sweat or tears…


Hey I will enter :blush: but should I make both covers or just small or large?

Whatever you would like to do.


@ChayChay @lilysmith10
So here is my entry :blush: I did both small and large cover and with 2 versions - with flowers and without flowers :slight_smile: hope you like it

Without flowers

With flowers

Don’t be too harsh on me please, this is the first time I was drawing a crying person :see_no_evil::sweat_smile:


I’ll join!

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They are amazing thank you for joining!!

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When is it due?

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