Cover Contest! (Closed)


I decided that instead of making my own cover I would let you guys make them!! This was my design.

Make sure you have a watermark on it! (Small yet noticeable)
This is the main character

I would prefer her in this pose but any is fine.
This is @QueenMilii character so use her character details.

1st place will have there cover used and be mentioned

2nd & 3rd will be mention at the end of the episode with there art showcased (in this case I would ask that u resize it for me to put as a “Background”

The backstory is that a lonely/nerd girl at schools life was a mess. Her parents even died eventually too. But she held up a tradition they had so that every time on her birthday they would play the lotto (for luck) except. This time she wins and hits it big 150 million dollars. The question is, will she remain the innocent girl she was or will she twist by the hands of wealth?

Character Details

The Deadline

the deadline sept 5

The Contest Is CLOSED


I’m joining babe! :kissing_heart:






I’ll enter!


I’m joining


I’ll maybe enter lol can you me is she wearing the same outfit in the cover?


Do u mean if she has to wear the same thing?




No she doesn’t have to


Oh okay thanks!


thanks for the tag, Kali


Ooh I think I’ll join


How’s this?



That’s a great entry the only thing is. Is that the story is called winning the lotto. Not the lottery
I felt like lottery sounded to long


I’ll fix that, sorry


It’s fine


Here’s the new one:


My submission


This is my entry! (If I win, I’ll make a large cover, but this is the small cover)