COVER CONTEST - Cover Art Needed For A New Story!


I need cover art for a new story I’m working on!

It’s a spy thriller and I’m SUPER excited about it!

If you’r interested in creating the cover art, you can message me privately or reply or whatever you feel most comfortable with.

If you’re bored and an artist please reply!

Character Details:

Body: Rose 03/Beige Rose
Eyebrows: Arched Natural in chestnut brown
Hair: Short wavy hair sold in ginger red
Eyes: Female generic
Face: Heart Defined
Nose: Defined natural
Lips: Full Heart Pouty in Pink warm matte

The winner will get to be a character in my story and a shout out!




Thank you for replying! What info do you need? <3


I’m with @Epy.raven we need the
Character details
Title and author name
Anything else?


Wait @sarahstarkk do you want me to do the cover art or @epy.raven i already pmed you 18 mins ago


I want to see everyone’s take on it if that’s okay! If not you absolutely don’t have to created anything!


I advice to just make a cover contest to see whos the best and whos cover you want :+1:
Rather than asking multiple people


Ok! I’ll do that right now!


Background: Black
Character Details are in the description!
Title: Nomad: A Spy Story

I want as much of your own original style as possible!


Oh ok, Thanks I’ll be working on it!


Thanks! I can’t wait to see it!




id like to give it go but with a twist :grin::wink:


Awesome! I’d love to see what you come up with!


eye color?


Grey or Blue deep!


ok thanks!


is your username the author?




I need the


Drawn or normal or counturing

Large or small or both

Any effect or overlay


Author name

When do you need it

Any information